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Beyza Yilmaz Interview

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            Interviewing Beyza Yilmaz, from Istanbul.




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Hi people!!! We´re Florencia Migliorisi and Florencia Sciascia, from Rosario, Argentina.



Beyza Yilmaz is from Turkey and the picture above is a sightseeing from Istanbul that really impressed us. It´s the Golden Horn, we still don´t anything about it, but Beyza will tell us a bit more-.

Turkey has this amazing and strategic location astride two continents.

Check this out      

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What we know about Turkey:


The Capital City is Ankara.                                   

This Euroasian territory is divided into 81 provinces for administrative purposes and, geographically, into 7 regions.

The biggest city is Istambul. It's the financial, economic and cultural heart of the country.

Due to its particular location,Turkey´s culture has a unique blend of Eastern and western tradition  


   Turkey's flag


What we would like to know:


Among other subjects we'll be asking Beyza about:


How did the fact of being between Europe and Asia influenced the culture of the country?

What are the main national celebrations and traditions?

What is the spiritual meaning of Ramazan among Turkish people?

What is the main industry of the country apart from tourism?

What landmarks should any visitor bear in mind when he visits Istambul?



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THE INTERVIEW IS HERE , congratulations, Florencia Sciascia and Florencia Migliorisi, on a well-done job!!!





We started talking about the fact that Turkey is located between Europe and Asia, and how it affected their culture, celebrations and traditions. Beyza told us that, because of that, there is a rich blend of cultures which has influenced their rituals and celebrations.


We specifically asked her about Ramazan, to what Beyza explained that it's a celebration which lasts a month, consisting in fasting for about twelve hours, during which they can not drink, eat, kiss each other or take anything to their lips. When the fast is over, they celebrate with a very big meal. As regards its spiritual meaning, she claimed that it is to understand what hungry people feel when they're starving.


When talking about the entrance of Turkey into the European Union, she said that there's no reason for not allowing Turkey into it.  She suggested that some Europeans overreacted about their situation and that everybody was treated as equals in her country. Consequently, Beyza is in favour of the admition because it would benefit the economy of her country.


We also asked Beyza what the main industry of her country was and she explained that it was tourism along with textile industry.


According to Beyza's point of view, the landmarks she would bear in mind if she was a tourist would be: in the first place, Istambul since it's a very rich city as regards culture. She also mentioned The Bosphorus because of the fantastic views, and the southern part of the country for its beautiful beaches.  Beyza recommended, among other attractions, trying the local food, specially sauces and desserts.


Our last question to Beyza was about her concerns regarding Turkey. She admited that the economic situation was one of them, mainly because of the gap between the poor and the rich. Being part of the European Union is another of her concerns, since she believes it will be useful for the country regarding development and job opportunities.





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