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Nina Liakos Interview

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Interviewing Nina Liakos, from Washington, USA.




Interviewers: Romina Baez and Marina Aquili




About us:


Hi ! We are Marina and Romina, from Rosario (a city placed in Argentina). We are here to interview Nina Liakos, a teacher from USA, who is gonna tell us about different aspects of the USA, adding some more knowledge to our minds =).


About Nina:


(I found this information on the internet, please feel free to comment me if there is something wrong about it).



Nina Liakos has been teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language since 1971. She began her teaching career in France. Since returning to the United States, she has taught in both university preparation programs and adult education. An instructor at MEI (Maryland English Institute) since 1981, Mrs. Liakos has taught a variety of classes and levels in the intensive and semi-intensive programs as well as a number of special programs. She enjoys teaching grammar, writing and pronunciation, and she is particularly interested in the relationship between reading and writing in non-native writers of English and in use of internet tools in teaching.


And the interview is here: Romi and Tati speak with Nina.









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