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Sasha Sirk Interview

Page history last edited by Rita Zeinstejer 15 years, 9 months ago

Interviewing Sasha Sirk, from Slovenia.




Interviewers: Agustina and Marcos Gimbatti




What we know about Slovenia:

- It used to be a part of Yugoslavia until gaining independece in 1991.

- Its capital city is Ljubljana.

- It is now included in the European Union.

- It is located in western Europe.


What we want to know:


- How the education system works.

- At what age young people become independent.

- How people show their disagreement with the goverment. Through strikes, riots?

- How used they are to involve technology in their daily lives.


Thank you, Agus and Marcos, and Sasha, for thsi wonderful experience! Here you'll find the recording.

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