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Vance Stevens Interview

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Interviewing Vance Stevens, from Abu Dhabi.



Interviewers: Tatiana Paterno and Agustina Vienna.


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Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), after Dubai.

It is also the seat of government of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast.

Approximately 1,000,000 people live in Abu Dhabi as of 2008, of whom 80% were expatriates. One of the world's largest producers of oil, Abu Dhabi has actively attempted to diversify its economy in recent years through investments in financial services and tourism. Abu Dhabi is ruled by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is also the President of the UAE.


Culture and the Arts


Abu Dhabi is trying to position itself as the "Cultural hub" of the Middle East, taking this mantle from such neighboring cities as Beirut and Cairo. It is home to a number of cultural institutions including the Cultural Foundation and the National Theater. The Cultural Foundation is home to the UAE Public Library and Cultural Center. Various cultural societies such as the Abu Dhabi Classical Music Society have a strong and visible following in the city. The recently launched Emirates Foundation makes grants in support of the arts, as well as to advance science and technology, education, environmental protection and social development. IPAF, the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, will be based in Abu Dhabi.

  • The creation of a major "up-scale cultural district" on Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island has begun with the groundwork for a US$200 million Guggenheim Museum. The Frank Gehry-designed museum will display a "prestige collection" of modernist and contemporary art and is scheduled for completion in 2011. Upon completion, it is expected to be the largest exponent of the prestigious Guggenheim Museums.[7] In addition, there will be three further cultural focal points [8]: The Performing Arts Centre, The Sheikh Zayed National Museum and The Maritime Museum.


AND THE INTERVIEW IS HERE, click and listen!

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